HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday – Sunday 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm and 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm
E-MAIL: reservas@habitual.es

Habitual by Ricard Camarena

The aroma of a pine tree forest, the texture of a plowed field, the smell of a freshly-baked brioche, the rhythmic sound of the waves, the beauty of a vineyard, and the soft light of a sunset. HABITUAL is all of this and more.

An element that is firmly present at HABITUAL is the water of the Mediterranean. Most of the fish are from this sea, and the delicious oysters are raised only a few kilometers from the restaurant. The water from the Turia River is used to irrigate the agricultural fields of Mahuella, Foios, Albalat, and Meliana.

Cooking is based on memories. Traditional recipes with modern touches. The dishes have French, Italian, and Spanish roots. They bring back the original flavors of the western Mediterranean region.

Comfortable food, without unexpected jolts, but with a focus on taste and seasonal products.

Habitual website

E-MAIL: eventos@ricardcamarena.com

La Cambra by Ricard Camarena

Feeling the modern edge of the Colón Market is possible thanks to Ricard Camarena Colón, a space for hosting private events at a unique location in Valencia.

Elegance, history, luxury, art, and exclusivity are combined with Ricard Camarena’s Michelin Star and three Repsol Suns at La Cambra, a space located on the Market’s upper level that conveys the building’s history and takes us to another era.

The open area has room for up to 70-80 guests in a cocktail setting or 35-40 if seated. La Cambra is a unique establishment in the city.

La Cambra by Ricard Camarena website

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday – Friday 1:00 pm – midnight / Saturday, Sunday, and holidays 9:30 am – midnight (Lunch 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm /
Afternoon snacks and light menus 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm / Dinner 8:00 pm – midnight).
E-MAIL: reservas@makhincafe.com

Ma Khin Café

Fusion cuisine by Steve Anderson.

The menu offers an authentic and versatile vision of international dishes, including aromatic curries from Burma, sophisticated sautés from Sichuan, as well as colorful and rich Mediterranean salads.

Ma Khin Café serves tasty, original, balanced, and healthy dishes that are suitable for everyone and combine local products with international ingredients. And to make sure that everyone feels at home, there are also ecological, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Ma Khin Café also serves daily specials and creative combination dishes that are varied, balanced, and complete alternatives to daily menus and also fit today’s work hours. The culinary offering also includes original appetizers, desserts, and afternoon snacks.

Ma Khin Café combines in a single space a restaurant, café, shop, and take-out food.

Ma Khin Café website

HOURS OF OPERATION: Lunch: Monday – Sunday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm / Dinner: Monday – Saturday 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm.
CLOSED: Sunday evenings.
E-MAIL: comunicacion@momijicocina.es


Momiji offers Japanese cuisine using only seasonal products, selected in gourmet stores in Colón Market each day. Mediterranean bluefin tuna, Iberian bacon, French oysters, vegetables from the Valencian garden or Albufera’s eel are some of the products that pass through our kitchen every day.

Guests take a gastronomic journey through the raw materials used to the techniques applied to boost all flavours.

Our vocation is to offer authentic Japanese cuisine, following the principles of Kaiseki Ryory cuisine:
Using seasonal ingredients.
Preserving the natural flavor of ingredients.
Cooking with heart/ passion and intuition.

After having worked and trained in several kitchens in Japan, Chef Diego Laso, recognised as one of the best sushi chefs in the national scene, offers careful and respectfull gastronomy in his bar in Colón Market.

Eel’s Temaki from the Valencian Albufera, braised salmon’s Nigiri, or Mediterranean tuna’s tartare are some of the dishes Laso prepares for his clientele. Momiji’s bar offers a unique environment where diners receive a complete experience by observing the team performing live through an open kitchen.

Momiji website